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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where does our soil come from

    Our soil is sourced from the lush fields of County Tipperary right in the middle of the Golden Vale

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    You should allow up to 5 business days after allowing for 2 business days to process your order – so 7 business days in total; but, normally it is quicker.

  • Why should I place my shamrock seeds in the refrigerator for 24 hours before planting?

    It tricks the seeds into thinking they have been through a winter which may lead to them germinating quicker.

  • How long will the soil and seeds last?

    The best before date for the soil is clearly marked on the bag as August 9th, 2162!. As the seeds are packed in an aluminium foil, they are good for about 2 years.

  • How long does it take for the shamrock to grow?

    If sown properly and correctly maintained, the seeds will germinate after about 1 week.

  • The shamrock I am growing only has two leaves – is this normal?

    When the leaves of your shamrock first appear you will only see 2 leaves. Be patient! The third leaf will unfurl a couple of days later.

  • My shamrock seems to move a lot in the bowl – is that normal?

    Yes perfectly – shamrock has a lot of personality and likes to move with the times! The plants will bend towards the light and will do so quite quickly. Also, shamrock need their sleep - at night the leaves fold up and go to sleep – this makes it great fun for children to observe.

  • How long will shamrock grow for?

    If properly looked after, indefinitely. Although they may get a bit gangily after a few months at which time it is advisable to either cut them back with a scissors or transplant outside (climate permitting).

  • Will shamrock grow outdoors?

    It does in Ireland – so yes! But don’t forget it is also used to Ireland’s damp and cool climate – so it depends where you live. It doesn’t like too cold, or too hot or too dry. So if you live in a place like Ireland – absolutely!

  • Will my shamrock flower?

    After about 8 weeks from planting, a small yellow flower will appear.

  • How do I know the bowl in the Belleek Shamrock Gift Box is a real Belleek bowl?

    Belleek do not sell seconds and only items which have been handmade at Belleek’s factory on the border of Counties Donegal and Fermanagh are stamped on the base with the Belleek stamp. If it has this stamp – it is genuine Belleek.

  • How should I water my shamrocks and how often?

    Water once every two days but mist frequently in between. We recommend misting to simulate Irish rain and to avoid overwatering as the Belleek bowl does not have a drainage hole and we certainly do not recommend you take out the drill!

  • Why won’t my shamrock’s grow?

    Usually because you have either over watered or under watered or have placed it in a draughty dark place (or a combination of all of these).

  • If I can’t get my shamrocks to grow what should I do?

    Pray to the patron saint of lost causes – St Jude. Otherwise contact us and we will see if we can help. You can always decide to order some more real Irish soil and seeds.

  • The leaves of my shamrock are very small – is this normal?

    The variety of shamrock we sell is Trifolium Dubium. It is the real Irish shamrock as recognised by An Bord Glas (the Irish Horticultural Board). It is a very delicate little plant and although small, the leaves are perfectly formed.

  • Can you eat shamrock?

    If you are a herbivore – absolutely, otherwise we do not recommend you do so.

  • Is it legal for you to sell Irish soil in the US and Canada?

    Our soil and seed products are phytosanitary certified by the Irish Department of Agriculture (which is evidenced by the bar code number at the base of the pouch or base of the canister) and meet or exceed the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture for importation into The United States. Our products have got similar clearance from the Canadian Department of Agriculture.

  • Where can I buy your products other than online?

    We are a relatively new business and as a result our products are not yet widely available. The best bet is to find your local Irish store as we sell a lot of our products through them.