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Growing Instructions

Firstly, you should remove the seed foil from the envelope and place it in the refrigerator (not the freezer) for 24 hours. This tricks the seeds into thinking they have gone through a winter so they will germinate quicker. Do not discard the seed envelope as it contains further instructions and information which may be useful in future. Select a pot or bowl to grow your shamrock in. Pour the contents of the pouch of soil into the pot to about an inch below the rim. Dampen the soil with water but do not over do it (the extent of watering will depend on whether the pot or bowl has a drainage hole or not – for pots with no drainage hole you should water more sparingly). After 24 hours remove the foil containing the seed from the refrigerator, tear open and sprinkle evenly on the top of the damp soil. The seeds are coated in lime to add weight and to make them easier to see (without the lime coating they are virtually weightless and will be blown away by your breath!). Use as many of the seeds as you see fit – each foil contains approximately 500 seeds. When you have done this, cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and gently press down with the base of a glass or with your fingers. Moisten again and place in a bright location within the house but not in direct sunlight. The seeds will germinate in a few days and seedlings will appear. They will grow quite quickly provided the soil is kept moist. We recommend frequent misting with infrequent watering as the best method of maintaining the soil moist as this simulates rain which shamrocks are well accustomed to in Ireland! As the seedlings grow, you will notice that two leaves will appear. Have patience and faith, the third leaf of the trefoil will appear a few days after!. The shamrock plants will turn towards the light source quite quickly and it can be fun for kids to turn the pot the other way and watch them twist the other way. The shamrocks will also fold their leaves up and go to sleep at night. The plants will continue growing for many weeks and will produce a yellow flower after about 6 to 8 weeks. When the plants get a bit extended by growth, cut them back with a scissors, and if you keep the soil moist they will continue to grow; failing that you can always order a resupply from us and we will gladly rush replacement soil and seeds to you. We hope you enjoy your experience at growing Real Irish Shamrock!