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Annie Moore Memorial Ceremony
March 2010 Martha Stewart Show
January 2010 Paul Merton Show UK
Annie Moore Memorial Ceremony| Oct 2008 Martha Stewart Show| Mar 2010 Paul Merton Show UK| Jan 2010
Auld Sod used to commemorate the grave of the first Immigrant processed at Ellis Island, Annie Moore of Cork Ireland Auld Sod Shamrocks in Belleek bowl featured. Martha knows the real shamrock. Paul travels to Ireland to profiles the Auld Sod and see how Official Irish Dirt makes it to America.


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US Man wants Irish soil under his house Buy Real Official Irish Dirt For Irish Roots, a bag of dirt
Irish Examiner| March 17, 2007 Kansas City Irish Festivals NY Times| April 27, 2007
Dig This: Selling Dirt Sending the Auld Sod around the world Money from (almost) nothing
All Business| February 21, 2008 Associated Content Wallet Pop
Pining for Irish Soil? You can buy it by the bag Irish Duo dish out the dirt and rake in the dollars.  
NY Times | March 17, 2007 The Observer UK| October 2006  


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