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What Our Customers Have Said About Us

“ I have an Irish mother and I knew she would love it so I bought it for Mother’s Day.”


“I gave it as a gift to my daughter who took me to Ireland a few years ago – I want her to know how much Ireland means to me and, I know, to her too.”


“ These items are completely unique I have never come across anything like it before.”


“ These gifts are for my grandchildren, I have four and I don’t want them to forget Ireland.”


“A totally unique retirement gift for a good friend who has Irish connections.”


“It is a Father’s day gift for my Dad who is from the old land I know it will really touch him. ”


“ We bought the shamrock for our wedding as favors on the tables – everyone loved it and it made it a real Irish wedding.”


“A touch of Ireland in my home.”


“I’m from Ireland and now I live in the States, I want a little piece of home in my home here.”


“For grave of a good friend, it will bring them home.”


“My mom’s dying wish is to have her ashes scattered in Ireland but I can’t afford that, so I’m bringing a little bit of Ireland to her.”


“Wonderful, interesting and beautiful Ireland is my heritage.”


“We have family in Ireland and we like the green culture, so this gift gives us that.”